Weight Watchers are launching their own 500 calorie “diet” takeaways – and they’re a bargain


Each one will cost just £2.79 – less than a meal deal

Weight Watchers have joined forces with Heinz to launch a new range of frozen ready meals, with every dish based on Brits’ favourite takeaways.

From chicken tikka masala, to pasta and meatballs, as well as Chinese chicken noodles, each so-called fakeaway will contain fewer than 500 calories.

The new range will be sold at all the big supermarkets including Asda, Tesco and Sainsburys for £2.79 each, and is set to rival Slimming World’s fakeaway meals, which currently retail for £3 a pop at Iceland, and come in some very similar flavours.

Both Slimming World and Weight Watchers now have a chicken and chorizo paella, chicken noodles, chicken tikka masala and a vegetable curry on their hands – but the latter’s range will cost 30p less than its rivals.

The big difference between the two is of course, their points system, as while each Slimming World meal at Iceland notes its syn value, Weight Watcher’s ones will all be clearly marked with the Weight Watchers SmartPoints value instead.

Apparently inspired by world flavours, Heinz says that each meal is packed with quality ingredients that require no-hassle cooking.

There’s eight different flavours to pick from, including creamy king prawn pasta, meatball penne in a spicy tomato sauce, chicken and chorizo paella, chicken tikka masala, South Indian vegetable curry and Chinese style chicken noodles.

While most of the meals will be stocked in Asda, Tesco and Sainsburys, certain supermarkets are also offering exclusive meals.

For example, you can only get the chicken and roasted vegetable jalfrezi at Asda, and you’ll have to head to Tesco for the Mediterranean chicken pasta.


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