Eating cake for breakfast can make you lose weight !

If you’re one of those who have a war with the kilograms than we have some good news for you. How many times you have wanted to taste the cake that you have made? The research says that eating cake for the breakfast can make you lose kilograms for sure.

The research is made in the University Tel Aviv in Israel, where were examined 139 adults who have more kilograms than the normal weight, the scientist found out something interesting. One half of them got breakfast of 600 calories that contains cake or some other desert. The other half have were told to eat a breakfast that has 300 calories. The both groups they ate the same calories per day, 1600 for men and 1400 for women. The group that ate a cake for a diner has less calories for diner (300 – 400)
After 16 weeks the both groups lost the same weight but after the research the groups ate the same way for about two mounts and the results were that the group that ate the cake for breakfast lost 11 kilograms. The other group lost 7 kilograms.
The breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s interesting the fact that those who had cake for breakfast had less appetite for the rest of the day.


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