15 Foods That Increase Sexual Stamina

15 Foods That Increase Sexual Stamina

You will have everything you want , if you eat the right things . The first thing that we want in our lives is health

You will be able to increase sexual stamina ,  if you eat the right food . There are a lot of medication that will improve your sexual life, but there are also a lot of foods that will do the same. Why poisoning yourself with medications?

These 15 foods  will help you to increase your sexual stamina.


Coffee has  magical properties , the caffeine is one of the best sex stimulants. If consumed in moderate amounts it helps to enhance sexual arousal .


Beans are naturally pure protein which are good for the heart and helps to build the body’s muscle system especially garbanzos, black beans, kidney, and navy beans. They are rich in fiber, potassium, and antioxidants, all of which helps to increase sexual stamina and energy for longer lasting sexual performance. People who consume more beans,don’t have a weight problem and  are healthier  .

Citrus fruits

People especially men who consume this kind of fruit are stimulating motility and the sperm count . They will improve sperm health.

Brown rice

Beside the health benefits you will get by consuming it , it is typically sex enhancing food .


Eve and Adam found out that apples contain Phenylethylamine which gives men and women a natural feeling of arousal and excitement  .  Eat apples when you want to have good sex, that are rich in nutrients need by the penile area, prostate glands, veins and arteries, testicles,  in opening up a healthy blood flow to help achieve and maintain an erection.

Soy bean

They are super foods that  produces a lot of hormones that will stimulate you sexual necessity. Genistein keeps the skin looking youthful and helps to boost estrogen levels .


Maca is stress relieving plant , rich in Vitamin B increases the body’s energy  It is an herbal root that is akin to the radish family and it is a Viagra favored plant in South America. Maca is well renowned as an aphrodisiac for healthy sex drives and performance.

Dry Fruit

You will increase the sexual stamina , if you consume everyday this kind of foods because they rice up the sexual impotency .


In the form of pumpkin seeds, this zinc laden food product is important in the production of testosterone levels and improved sexual desires in men and women. Pumpkin seeds are rich in the health fatty acid known as omega 3, which acts like a hormone substance in sexual health conditions like sexual drive and fertility.


Banana is great for your sexual life because you are consuming the feel good hormones. They are rich in potassium and will produce extra sex hormones so you will have stimulation.

 Peanut butter

This is very god for women sexual life , it will boost dopamine levels and it is full with monounsaturated fat .

Beetroot juice

This food is rich in nitrates very good for your sexual life. The juice richly increased the red blood cells to enable more energy production and oxygen, to be circulated throughout the body, especially to the sexual organs for better erections and orgasms.

Red grapes

They provide the energy due sexual intercourse. It will increase the willing of sex. They have all the ingredients that gives women and men  longer lasting stamina for life’s daily routines and especially in the boudoir..


For breakfast you can eat oatmeal because it will be stimulating different parts of the body . Penile muscles will relax, allowing a healthy blood flow into the penis.


The reason why they are considered to be sexual stimulant is that  corn consist magnesium .  It also strengthens the tissue system throughout our bodies, including the tissues of our sexual organs.


source : healthherbs365.com


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